Encaustic Art Hot Tools: Encaustic Art Hotplate Compact

  • $180.00

I keep a low inventory of Hotplates. Please send me an email should they be out of stock and I will order one in for you. Thank you.

Price includes 6$ for additional shipping costs)

NOTE * The hotplate is sold as a unit, but you will need an iron to heat it, either one you already use, or you can buy one just for this tool.

This small compact hotplate has immense creative potential. It is heated by clamping the Painting Iron (that is sold separately) underneath the anodised aluminium plate. It is simple to fit together and the iron powers the heat requirement perfectly. Work directly on the surface with a card or lightweight board. Use the convenient heated platform as a palette for melting and mixing colours when brush painting with wax. Swipe the card through molten wax colours. This compact hotplate is a brilliant addition to your encaustic art tool collection!

The surface of the aluminium plate is 7 1/4"x 10" or 18cm x 24.5cm

It is suitable for all direct surface work and as an excellent mixing palette and for flat bottomed metal tin palettes – good base surface contact of tins is essential.