Bethany in Portland Part 1: Linda Roberston

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Part 1 of a 3 part series

I was so excited to take a surprise trip to Portland in September!

Linda Robertson & her encaustic studio in Portland, Oregon

You know what that means – good times with my friend and mentor Linda Robertson and lots of fun with encaustic.

Linda Robertson & Bethany HandfieldLinda Roberson is an accomplished artist, author and teacher who has been working with encaustic for many years. She is renown for her fundamental book “Embracing Encaustic” and for being a champion of encaustic art and other artists working in the medium. She is a multiple award winner, shown across North America, curated exhibitions and has paintings in numerous private and corporate collections.

I first met Linda when Thea Haubrich brought her to the Okanagan to teach our local group back in 2010. We reconnected at the IEA EncaustiCon in 2011 and then with my subsequent visits back to Portland, even taking a class together with Jesse Reno, and our friendship grew.

Linda Robertson, Bethany Handfield & Thea Haubrich

I was also very excited to see Linda’s gorgeous boy dog Jack  - he is a true gentleman pup in every sense of the word. We had a lot of fun walking him around her neighborhood and taking him to the local doggie daycare - The Pawfee Shop. (Many giggles over Pawfee Shop!)

Jack Robertson (dog) and Linda Robertson's encaustic paintings

Linda has a gorgeous studio in her home where she also teaches  one day to 5 day classes. (Yes I am so jealous of this space!). Her five day class is called “WaxWeek” and she holds them several times per year. She has her lovely and lively paintings throughout the space. Everything is extremely well organized and all ready to go for a class or for her own studio practice. 

Views of Linda Robertson's encaustic studio in Portland , Oregon

Embracing Encaustic is now available as a two volume ebook: Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax & Embracing Encaustic: Mixed Media. I am in the first edition!

Embracing Encaustic by Linda Robertson & a painting by Bethany Handfield

In part 2 we take a trip to the studio of artist Karl Kaiser and in part 3 I take a class with Linda.




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